Future education

What we mean, when speak school of future? This question is particularly relevant in our ever-modernizing society. Students and their teacher learn sophisticated measuring devices, laboratory devices, computing, and various e-learning programs each year. For example, having one computer at school was rare 20 years ago,  but now almost every educational institution has special computer classes, where students actively learn the basics of programming and information technology. Some classes also have special interactive boards to show the educational texts and assignments, lectures and presentations on the big screen. In principle, these boards are already up to 60% may substitute teacher, and in a short time, when 3D image format and broadcast audio material on the screen  would be available for students, interactive whiteboards and electronic textbooks and replace teachers.

Many schools have begun not only to improve the facilities and equipment, but also reform the educational process. For example, a few years ago electronic diaries were introduced. Now, to find out something about their child's study it is not necessarily going to school and talk with teachers, you just go to a special website. By the way, the service is convenient for the parents and for the students, who can send a job or ask a question via the Internet to teacher. Indeed, this is very useful, that why more and more students are taught in distance courses, than attend  traditional classes in the classroom. It saves a lot of time and effort.

But the children go to school not only to learn, but also to communicate, to gather some experience. Therefore, a lot of attention paid to the development of the child as an individual, as a part of society in school of future. Soon subjects such as psychology, rhetoric and speech communication will stand in the schedule along with physics. Pupils are increasingly involved in community activities, such as participation in concerts, seminars, charity events. So, we could decide, what our future education will have look.

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